Make my NDIS plan happen!

Young woman in wheel chair greeting a sun rise. NDIS plan with occupational therapy has helped her to achieve her goals.

Tips for how occupational therapy will help you achieve your NDIS goals

Have you just finished navigating the NDIS puzzle to find that there is more waiting ahead?  It makes you want to skip the queue to make your plan happen. If your plan involves a significant amount of occupational therapy to assist you or your client's NDIS goals for improved daily living, you might consider some of these tips!

A great occupational therapy professional brings to life a client’s goals. These types of goals will include the most meaningful ways to increase participation, belonging and the joy of self-achievement. Occupational therapists provide assessments, skill development and prescribe technology to help mobility and create ease in living. They work to modify tasks to achieve more independent living outcomes. This is to only name a few!

When looking for an OT provider, consider if they can come to you in your environment. The best outcomes come from where your daily living goal is situated and in your everyday environment. Look for providers that can travel to these locations and where the travel for the provider is within 30 minutes. This will help to ensure you keep your payments low for the travel component. To understand this better, please refer to the NDIS price guide.

Another tip is to partner with an OT NDIS provider that has the skills you need for your goals. Good OT providers have specialist OTs working with broad skilled OTs to ensure great outcomes for their clients. Look for OT providers that offer staff development and are experienced in working with the NDIS or similar schemes.

A great occupational therapy provider empowers you with achieving your everyday living goals. However, they can be one of the least understood provider types to the NDIS scheme. If you need more help, please reach out and call our friendly staff.