Therapist Careers at National OT

The role of a Therapist has never been more important

NDIS and the aged care reforms in Australia have changed the landscape of how we support those with the greatest needs in our community.  National OT’s community-based model continues to lead the industry, as we create new roles and opportunities that will help shape the future of therapy services. Working within one of the largest therapy teams in Australia will provide a unique opportunity to advance your  career, utilise your expertise and inspire and empower your clients.

We have therapists working in the following clinical streams: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Paediatrics.

Why work with National OT?

  • Flexibility at National OT means you can potentially work school hours, full time or part time; structuring your day the way you like it.  Flexibility means choice.
  • Our “Therapist Support Model” has been developed by National OT in response to the changing needs in the market. It provides the most responsive hands on support model, to meet both the short- and long-term development needs of our therapists. Integral to the model are the team leaders, knowledge experts, mentors and a strong team focus – all led by some of the leading clinicians in Australia.
  • Working across Aged Care, NDIS, paediatrics, mental Health, medico-legal and more! You have access to  a diverse case load, allowing you to broaden your experience and develop your specialty skills.
  • Core to National OT is the long-term client focus and being a part of their journey.  We see first hand how we make a difference to our clients’ lives.
  • Delivering customer value is no accident and we have invested heavily to ensure that every day we evolve to create great outcomes. Our customer service, finance, HR and marketing teams work together to ensure that our clients have a positive end to end experience.

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An Occupational Therapy Career working with a male client in a tree lined street
Physiotherapy with a male physiotherapist treating a boy through exercise with a large blue fitness ball