Aged Care Occupational Therapy

Find the support you need from caring, experienced Occupational Therapists

National OT specialise in therapy services aimed at assisting clients in their later years. We support clients to remain in their homes and maximising their independence in all tasks of daily living.


What sets us apart

Coverage – We come to you! We have resources in over 80 locations across Australia and the scope to work with our client’s in their homes, supported accommodation or residential facility.

Exceptional Service – From your first phone call with National OT, we work in partnership to provide you with the support and expertise to maximise your recovery and independence.

Team – We have a passionate and committed team of occupational therapists, who are experienced in aged care and support, and have access to a significant internal network of knowledge.

Home Safety Assessments & Modifications

A Home Modification Assessment will review your ability to access and move within your home environment. This assessment will consider your safety and independence.
The OT may make recommendations to improve your ability to live in the home offering temporary or permanent solutions. The OT can assist to design and coordinate minor home modifications through to complex structural alterations.
Our OT’s work with funding bodies, builders and project managers for home modification requirements.
Examples include:
• Ramps
• Rails
• Bathroom modifications
• Kitchen Modifications
• Ceiling hoists
• Platform Lifts
• Stepless showers

Occupational therapist assesses man at his home for aged care

Driving and Vehicle Assessments

The ability to drive independently and access the community can provide people with a sense of autonomy, meaning and purpose. Injury, illness and aged-related conditions can have a significant impact on driving ability.
The Driving Assessment process involves multiple stages. Only some of these stages may be applicable to you:
• Obtaining Medical clearance
• Off-Road assessment
• On-Road assessment with a Driving
• Report outlining the outcome of the assessment, further recommendations,
endorsements and restrictions.

In some cases we can provide recommendations and solutions through specialised vehicle modifications which enable those with injuries or disabilities to drive their vehicles.

Home Visits and Case Management

In order to establish your occupational therapy goals and your abilities or disabilities, an initial assessment is completed with you. The OT will determine via interview and observation your level of function and day to day capability or level of independence. This may include:
• your ability to manage personal care
• domestic tasks
These activities include:
• Personal Hygiene
• Dressing
• Eating
• Mobility and Safely Transferring Weight
The occupational therapist will identify strategies to maximise and maintain an individuals independence in completing these tasks through:
• re-education in performing these tasks using more appropriate methods
• recommending adaptive techniques or equipment
• recommending external services when tasks cannot be performed independently

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